Mission, Scope & Goals


LINX Association shall develop and mature an industry portal for companies to improve their R&D capability by exploiting the potential of advanced neutron and X-ray techniques.


Create an ecosystem ensuring that companies can exploit the potential of neutron and X-ray technology to its fullest. This will be achieved by combining industrial problem solving, promoting innovation, educating a new generation of materials experts for industry and enhance industry-university collaboration.


The research and innovation goals of LINX is to develop a sustainable and internationally visible portal that continue to provide unique R&D value to companies in terms of understanding critical material components and processes:

  • Short term: Establish the management and project organization, define and execute the first 25 industry projects while simultaneously maturing both the management approach and best practices for problem analysis and solution.
  • Medium term: The number of LINX members shall grow to minimum 35, resulting in increased contract research as a direct consequence of the LINX’ activities. During this period, routine access will be established to beamlines at MAX IV, ESS and E-XFEL.
  • Long term: Continue as a sustainable and independent association with industry tailored activities in focus. Grow to at least 100 members from the international scene.