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Event Calendar

Here are all the events LINX Association arrange as well as other organisations’ events.

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    14:00 -16:30
    COBIS, Ole Maaløes Vej 3, DK - 2200 Copenhagen N

    Patents receive a lot of attention in connection with business agreements and the valuation of companies, and patents influence many relationships between companies – just as product pricing may also be greatly influenced by patents.

    However, many questions arise when it comes to considering if and when you want to proceed to patent protecting your business or technology. What can be done? How is it done? How long does it take? What can you do yourself? How much does it cost?

    Event details:

    • Details
    • Registration fee: Free
    • Language: English
    • Registration before: June 5th

    Please contact patent@patentgruppen.com if you wish to know more.

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    11:00 -15:00
    LINX, Ole Maaløes Vej 3, DK - 2200 Copenhagen N

    Company participants in this work package (WP): Frichs Ecotech, Grundfos, Novo Nordisk, TEGnology, Tetra Pak and VELUX.

    University participants in this WP: Aarhus University and Technical University of Denmark.
    Other participants: Copenhagen University, LINX and other LINX members.

    LINX will be hosting the meeting.

    Tentativ agenda:

    • Welcome
    • Progress since last meeting (short overview of current, recently finished and upcoming projects)
    • Continuation of the project on laminar materials from Tetra Pak
    • Lunch
    • The new project on magnets and their degrading during processing and operation between Grundfos and AU
    • Potential project on injection moulded polymers between Tetra Pak and KU
    • Plans going forward
    • Good bye

    This meeting is for LINX members only.

    Please contact info@linxproject.dk if you wish to participate in this meeting or have questions.

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    12:30 -18:30
    Matematikhusets annex
    Matematikhusets annex, Sölvegatan 20, 223 62 Lund, Sweden

    What can MAX IV and ESS do for chemistry in Sweden?

    Join the event for a light lunch, lectures and midsummer mingle with drinks on the final eve of the first Swedish Chemical Society meeting and find out.

    Event details:

    • Details and programme
    • Registration fee: Free
    • Language: English
    • OBS: This is a meeting in Lund and not an online meeting

    Please contact Åsa Grunning, asa.grunning@fsi.lu.se, if you wish to know more.

  • 25

    All day

    The summer school will educate young researchers in techniques and methodologies used at synchrotron, neutron, and XFEL sources. The school covers a wide range of scattering and absorption methods including diffraction, total scattering, imaging, and spectroscopy. Further, several beamlines/instruments are presented as part of the general perspective.


    • Participants: Students (bachelor through PhD), postdoctoral researchers and material scientists at similar level.
    • Location: Aarhus University Conference Center in Sønderborg.
    • Registration deadline: May 18th.

    Read more about the summer school.